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Try to pick the best devices to support your argument that you can. Here are some examples of supportive and non-supportive evidence that students could use to support their claims. The AP English language argument FRQ asked students to argue what the function of polite speech in a culture they are familiar with. Supportive evidence: Polite speech is useful for conveying tone, especially in the world of the Internet.

A great example of this need is email. Because emails are virtual communications, they are completely stripped of the context that non-verbal cues, like body language, eye contact, and physical touch, can provide. Polite, formal speech conveys that the sender of the email respects the receiver. Taking the time to ensure an email sounds friendly can, for example, help ease the sting of a virtual scolding from a boss to a subordinate. As more communication becomes virtual, polite speech is more important than ever to provide context.

In this paragraph, the student chooses to discuss the role of polite speech in the culture of the Internet. The student claims that polite speech is necessary to convey tone in communication without context and uses emails as a frame. The student uses examples of situations where email and polite speech are directly involved to support her claims. Every one of the claims is followed up with an example.

Non-supportive evidence: Polite speech is useful for conveying tone, especially in the world of the Internet. In forums, people are never polite, and it is bad for discourse, which is bad for democracy.

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The world would be a much better place if when people online disagreed with one another, they were polite instead of angry and ready to form a new subreddit at any time. The lack of polite speech makes the Internet a hostile place. However, the student does not utilize supportive evidence to do so. The paragraph is full of claims, like that the world would be better if people on the Internet were polite, but does not provide a concrete example to anchor the claim. Additionally, the paragraph does not support the idea that polite speech conveys tone on the Internet because it primarily focuses on the lack of polite speech on some parts of the Internet.

Picture yourself discussing your essay with someone. Imagine that this person disagrees with everything that you say. How would you try to convince them? What examples would you use? Make sure that for each opinion you put forward; you have provided an answer to someone who would disagree with you. The evidence is an important part of your essay.

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If your outline and your argument are a framework, your evidence is the brick and mortar. Tie every claim you make to a piece of evidence to ensure the best essay possible.

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But it is ultimately about how well you can put forth an argument. Pick a clear position that can offer no confusion, write a clear and direct thesis statement, and make an argument that has to be in the order you write it. Support yourself with concrete, specific evidence and examples. But most of all, have fun.

This essay is the one you should be looking forward to, where you have the freest rein. Enjoy it and earn yourself a 9. Do the examples shown make sense to you? Test yourself and write a practice essay response.

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Featured Image Source. Check out our other articles on AP English Language. You can also find thousands of practice questions on Albert. Start practicing here. Learn more about our school licenses here. Learn anything through interactive practice with Albert. Are you ready to take the ACT test, but unsure about how much the test will cost you, your parents, or your guardian? Why do we do what we do? Why do we want what we want? These questions are the central focus of the s Determine the Question The first question to ask yourself is what am I being asked to do?

Pick an Opinion and Stick to it The next step is both simple and difficult. Craft a Thesis Statement The thesis statement should be both simple and elegant. So, for the argument FRQ: Good thesis: As Wilde claims, disobedience is a valuable human trait without which progress could not be made because, in situations like the American Revolution, it is only deviance from the norm that can change the norm.

See the difference? Craft a Chronological Argument A good argument builds as you move through the essay. Discuss the source and significance of five quoted passages from works we have read this term. As you develop your multimedia, multi-genre independent reading response, consider carefully the aspects of your nonfiction book that resonated with you. The purpose of your approximately five-minute presentation is to share with the class the highlights of your experience reading the book. What were some of the most interesting aspects of the book?

What can you say about the author's writing style? How can you use visuals and sound to enhance your presentation? Enter your preferred presentation slot HERE. Rule of thumb: 1 - 8 will most likely present on Tuesday; 9 - 16 on Wednesday; 17 and up on Thursday. The posted syllabus reflects these changes. Coming up with a good essay for your college application will likely take many months, as you painstakingly rework various drafts and craft new ones. With feedback from your group members, revise this more promising draft and submit on Wednesday, May Spend some time looking over the many samples available online, including this excellent resource from Khan Academy and this extensive collection of submitted essays.

Examine past prompts to discover patterns. Record your predictions HERE.

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You can review your classmates' predictions HERE. If you're looking for more practice exams, the Michigan eLibrary provides some great test prep material HERE you have to register. In addition to practicing the multiple choice passages from the AP exam and analyzing the results, composing multiple choice items provides critical insights into the nature of the exam.

Include a clear definition and sentence with the word in context. You can read your classmates' paragraphs here.

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  • You can enjoy your classmates' MC items here. Write a clear, concise paragraph that encapsulates the main ideas of Wallace's famous essay. What is his central argument? Enter your paragraph HERE. You can read your classmates' responses HERE. Review your classmates' efforts HERE. Check out your classmates' responses HERE. You can see your classmates' selections HERE.

    Submit your synthesis research topic and question HERE. Use the prompt template and source template to help you complete your project.

    AP English Language and Composition Exam | The Princeton Review

    Here's a spreadsheet with everyone's research topic. Does an art form that seeks to "hold up human vices and follies to ridicule and scorn" benefit society, or merely poke holes in it? Does an ironic advocacy of cannibalism and a farcical tale about infidelity and bodily functions serve a noble purpose?

    https://it.ytohabod.tk And how does the biting mockery of The Onion benefit those who read it or are targets of it? The second half of AP English Language will extend your ability to analyze the rhetorical choices that shape writers' and speakers' messages while at the same time honing your argumentative skills.

    Since we really have only about five weeks before AP Exam season is upon us, our work with Bedford , impromptus, practice mutliple-choice tests, and exam strategies must move on apace. We'll study satire in earnest over spring break and write a few synthesis impromptus along the way. After the May 15 exam, we'll wrap up the research paper, write some college application essays, read a nonfiction book your choice!

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    We begin our journey with an entire trimester of work under our belts and a longing to reawaken our inner-English students. We'll discuss these works and more during our first weeks together as we begin to develop a more incisive, active approach to reading and a more cogent, engaging writing style. You can access helpful resources for the course at the AP English Language and Composition student page. Skip to Main Content. District Home.