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On our site, homework help implies more than simply writing a paper from scratch. Your work will be thoroughly checked to contain no plagiarism and accompanied by reference and title pages. While you pay for homework, we offer those options for free. Lisa Bates Portland State University. Assistant Professor. Bates and Towne, as the Black Life Experiential Research Group, are an interdisciplinary collaborative for inquiry and activism at the intersection of art and urban planning.

In shifting through historical and contemporary Black geographies, the work provides clues to understanding how Black possibilities live and breathe. Her research focuses on environmental and health justice social movements in the San Francisco Bay Area, from the s to present. After the U.

Her research bridges the fields of African American material culture, Black feminist theory, and cultural landscape theory.

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Her current research project explores the genealogies of Black cultural products like soul food and how their articulation relies on complex figurations and performances of Black womanhood, citizenship, health, domesticity, and racial authenticity. Corbin UC Berkeley. As an urban environmentalist and political ecologist her work focuses on how environmental policies and practices in cities impact low-income neighborhoods and communities of color and their access to public green spaces, urban nature. She uses media as a tool of investigation to understand how visual media represents and influences environmental thought and spatial understandings within the urban landscape.

The aim of her research is to illuminate how historical processes of urbanization and current urban environmental policies, at scale, are impacting the lived experiences of the most vulnerable residents right now, and what that could mean for future populations living in green cities. Judith Madera Wake Forest University. Todne Thomas Harvard Divinity School. Trained as a cultural anthropologist, her research is located at the crossroads of the anthropology of Christianity, the anthropology of kinship, and critical race and ethnic studies.

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She has published in the Journal of African American Studies, the Journal of Africana Religions, and Anthropology and Humanism about the gendered and interpretive politics of Afro-Protestant religious sociality. Her newest research investigates the ways in which black racial and spatial violence conditioned by neoliberalism mutually displace black sacred spaces in the US. Matt Miller University of Southern California. During and since then, Matt has worked through fellowships and consultancies at governmental agencies such as the U.

Matt is currently pursuing his Ph. His dissertation explores the geography of Black creative entrepreneurship in the United States, both broadly and with particular focus on the South Los Angeles communities in Inglewood and Leimert Park; he seeks to share as a book and articles in academic press. Outside of these pursuits, he enjoys photography, film, fitness and writing, which also influence his professional outlook and approach. She works on the politics of historical representation, law, colonialism and reparations framed within the historical landscapes of the Caribbean and Latin America.

She is currently completing her dissertation, "Debts of Independence: Personhood and Property in Haiti and the French Empire," which focuses on the ways that rural Haitian families, ousted white French colonists and the Haitian state leveraged diverging conceptions of property to forge legal and spiritual forms of privilege, belonging and historical narrative after the Haitian Revolution.

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Michael Dumas UC Berkeley. Michael J.

Rashad Shabazz Lecture

His research sits at the intersection s of the cultural politics of Black education, the cultural political economy of urban education, and the futurity of Black childhood s. Savannah J.

Working Group of the RGS-IBG

Her dissertation, "Pride and Property: Queer Settler Colonialism, Blackness, and the Landed Politics of Solidarity," asks how practices and imaginings of queer space interact with multiple, overlapping modes of dispossession in the U. She is currently a Predoctoral Fellow at the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies, and is active in and inspired by movements for housing justice, Indigenous sovereignty, and prison-industrial complex abolition.

Willie Wright Florida State University. He conducts research in the areas of Black geographies, urban geography, and cultural geography. LaToya E. The overall aim is to help understand the legacies of carceral geographies in the present. The resonances across space and time tell a profound story of social and spatial legacies and, as such, offer important insights into the prison crisis we see in many parts of the world today.

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A special panel has been convened for Thursday 9th July , — Stone Rangers Rashad Shabazz. Asylum Network have recently announced the launch of a new website, the research matchmaker, that gives organisations that work with migrants the chance to let researchers know what research projects they would find most useful. The principle is simple: organisations go online and enter a description of the research they want completed.

And then students, researchers and academics go online and offer their services for those projects. Go to this link to get started: www. The website offers a fast, easy, intuitive and free way to share research needs with researchers who are often keen to make an impact. To get started just register, create an advert and post it into our searchable website. You can provide lots of detail or just a basic outline, it is up to you. Students, researchers and academics can also go online and create a profile, which lists their key areas of interest and expertise.

linkpresesmi.tk Organisations that work with migrants can then search these profiles and contact the individuals quickly and securely. The research matchmaker website offers a way to ensure that students, researchers and academics do work that matters to migrants and the organisations that work with them. But it will only work if it gets used!