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Doraemon has come to help Nobita to make his future bright. Doraemon has the pocket on his stomach, form where he removes the gadgets. He always save Nobita from his friends. But as usual Nobita get Zero marks in his test, and he hides the test papers, but unfortunately the test papers are seen by his mother, and he again comes in trouble. Nobita is jealous from dekisugi, because he is clever.

I like all character in the cartoon of Doraemon. The characters are. By this cartoon, we get a lesson that we should always work hard. Doaremon too teach Nobita to work hard and solve his problem by own. Not to depends on other. In this cartoon we also learned about good friendship between them. Though Nobita friends always beat him, but some time they help him, and prove their friendship. I Like Chhota Bheem cartoon very much. Always Kaalia make some mistake that too bheem has to solve it.

I also love to sing while playing it.

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I have done keyboard performance in my society and in school during talent competition. Everybody liked my performance. I also won the first prize in the talent competition. Music is my life. I will continue to keep learning and playing the keyboard. My favourite festival is Diwali.

It is a very famous festival of India. Diwali is a festival of lights and is also called Deepavali. It is celebrated for five days. We buy a lot of crackers and sweets during this festival. My mother also prepares sweets and other delicious food during Diwali. I help my mother with the cooking and to make beautiful rangolis. We light lots of diyas or oil lamps. I had painted a few earthen diyas in school this year just before Diwali. We lit these diyas too.

Essay on my favorite cartoon character doraemon

We wear new clothes and visit the temple. Diwali is a festival of joy and a lot of fun filled activities.

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I like this festival very much. During our visit to Mysore city, we went to the Mysore Zoo. My father bought the tickets at the gate. He also got tickets for the buggy ride. The zoo is very huge and would take hours to walk. So we preferred to take the buggy. First the buggy took us to the cages of birds. We saw different species of birds. They were of different colours and sizes.

We saw parrots, macaws, peacocks, pigeons, eagles etc. Next we saw different types of monkeys, apes and chimpanzees. Then we moved to large enclosures of wild animals like lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards and brown bears. We also saw big animals like elephants, giraffes, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, alligators and crocodiles.

Visiting the zoo was an interesting and learning experience.

It is red in colour and small in size. It has a green stem. It has seeds on its body which makes it look even more beautiful. Strawberry is a juicy fruit. It is both sweet and sour in taste.

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It is a rich source of Vitamin C. Different food products are made from strawberry like jams, jellies, juices, crush, cakes, milkshakes etc. We get lots of strawberries at hill stations like Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani. I visit this place every year and get many strawberries to eat. I also like the strawberry cream desert we get in Mahabaleshwar. I love this very juicy berry - strawberry very much.

My favourite game is 'Hide-and-seek'. It is a fun game. We need more than 2 people to play this game. One person has to seek while the others hide. The seeker counts from while closing his eyes. Till then the others get to hide themselves. The seeker has to find all the people hiding to finish the game. The person whom the seeker finds first becomes the next seeker. It is fun to hide behind trees, benches, building walls and cars.

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All my friends love this game too. I love playing this game with my friends and have a lot of fun. We had seen the advertisement of the circus in the newspaper and decided to visit it on a Sunday. My father bought the tickets for the circus.

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We were lucky to get the tickets of the front row and enjoy the circus closely. First, the clowns came on the stage and performed funny acts. Next the animals entered. The horses galloped along and it was like a dance act. A gymnast balanced on a moving horse too. It was amazing to see how he made the lions perform acts. Then a huge elephant came and balanced on a ball. This act was wonderful too. The circus was great fun and entertaining.

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She motivates us to learn new things. She works hard to teach us all and makes sure each and everyone has understood what she explains. She is our second mother.