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Narration presentation good evil ideas about novel creative rubric ks cddui jpg. Prose study of dracula by bram stoker gcse english marked essay com essay. Dracula 2 Pages. Dracula 6 Pages. Dracula Vampire 2 Pages. Dracula 3 Pages.

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Dracula 8 Pages. Dracula Meno 5 Pages. Free Essays words 1. If it weren 't for him, Dracula would have still been roaming around Europe. While the other characters might be important, they only helped in the planning and execution of finding and killing Dracula. He shows great bravery, selflessness, and inquisitiveness throughout the book, yet at the same time becoming a symbol of strength to the people he knew.

Left Munich at p. However, the originality of Stoker's Dracula is in doubt. Any other deviation from the set path resulted in punishment, both physically and socially. Deviation can vary as women being over sexual to resembling men in their actions. For his purposes, Stoker uses symbolism, tone, and diction throughout to convey the standard Victorian British perception of themselves He inserts a number of journal entries, newspaper articles, etc. By doing this, he has helped the reader understand more about what is going on, almost as if they are getting a behind-the-scenes view on the story, emotionally and physically.

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Better Essays words 1. One of the most well known aspects of a vampyre is that it must feed upon the blood of the living; Dracula must drink to survive, akin to people drinking the blood of Christ--the blood of divine life Powerful Essays words Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, and Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, both present elements of terror and create a tense mood and a gruesome picture.

Literature can reflect societal views, attitudes, and fears.

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Vampire literature, in particular, often represents the fears of a society. In the Victorian Era, a time of intense sexual repression, it was common for vampire stories to reflect the fear of sexuality that was rampant in society. We find out that you must stab a vampire in the heart with a wooden stake, and then slash off their head. This is the only way that we are led to believe that you may be able to kill these undead. We learn this through Stoker's vampire expert Van Helsing, he seems to be the most educated on the subject of the undead and creatures of the night, otherwise known as vampires Good Essays words 1.

Seward and Lucy, Arthur, Quincy and the Professor. It is the continuing battle between Dracula and the forces of good. Good in this case is the Christian God.

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The battle is foretold by the landlady where she says, "It is the eve of St Georges Day. Do you no know that tonight, when the clock strikes midnight, all the evil things in the world will have full sway? Free Essays words 3. It is an exemplary example of Gothic literature. In Dracula, three essential motifs of Gothic literature are revenants, cemeteries, and shapeshifting. Revenants is an essential Gothic literature motif; it allowed there to be a force of evil in this eerie novel. Revenants is the most important Gothic literature motif in Dracula. Revenants is when deceased creatures return to invoke fear in the living In modern times there have been many film adaptations of the novel, each developing a unique analysis or criticism of the literary text within the framework of the society and time period in which it was created.

Term Papers words 5. Arguably very few have succeeded, for the majority of directors tend to avoid the pervasive sexuality inherent in the novel. It is a difficult task to achieve, considering the blatant imagery surrounding sex and vampirism, such as the reproduction following a vampiric encounter and the phallocentric nature of the violence committed both by and against these creatures: penetration is involved in their hunting, and one must impale them with a stake in order to destroy them Free Essays words 4.

It, will attempt to take one down; it will humble one; it will attempt to break many down. Throughout dark fiction, authors utilise different elements as a tool to defeating the antagonist. In the novel Dracula, Bram Stoker effectively employs the different elements that are used to defeat Dracula The concept of gender roles in literature is readily on display in Gothic novels, or novels containing elements of the Gothic time period.

These women no longer wanted to remain passive and obey the demands of their husbands nor be domestic and the caretakers of their children. They strived to attain the role of a 'New Woman', an intelligent, liberated individual who was able to openly express her ideas Eltis Whereas some women were successful in attaining this new role, others were still dominated by their male counterparts Term Papers words 7.

A good example of this is the book Dracula by Bram Stoker because the author expresses the nature of good vs. Dracula wants to come to London because he wants to turn everyone into vampires.

The basic background of the book Dracula is when Jonathan Harker, a realtor who is sent to Transylvania to complete a transaction with Dracula so he can come to England. What Harker does not know is that Dracula has a plan for world domination It was largely believed to be dead people leaving their graves at night to drink blood from the necks of the living.

This was a perception of the old vampires. Contrary to this, the new generation of vampires has been shown to live among the people acting as guardian angels to them. There has been a substantial evolution of these creatures since their initial appearance in literature to the current vampire movies Some examples of this would be Dr.

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Van Helsing and his friends and people who try to help Lucy get back to normal. An example of why Van Helsing is so good is that when Dr. Seward asked him to come help Lucy when she was sick, he stopped whatever work he was doing and went to help Dr. Van Helsing was a vital part in helping to stop Dracula because he was an expert on Vampires Firstly determination is a key factor to succeeding; secondly revenge is a factor in succeeding; furthermore fearlessness plays a big role when they go to kill Lucy; lastly intelligence is needed to make all the plans.

When Jonathan Harker get captured by Dracula he is afraid, but he is also determined to get free. A small crack of light appeared through the stones Through the actions of Van Helsing and the "Army of Light" Stoker ponders "What can it not do when it is properly applied; and what it might do when basely used! Though one does not usually associate a vampire with a bank statement, Dracula utilizes the power of money as well as his abilities to turn into dust and bats. By granting Dracula the same influence of the "blessed buck" that the Army of Light uses to acquire information, Stoker augments the Count's threat to British society and allows him to function as not Though her essay, a lecture originally given to the German's Women Medical Association in November , does not mention Dracula directly, the points that she argued can be transposed onto Bram Stoker's Dracula.

In her essay, Horney asserts that men are very concerned with self-preservation, and also that men have an innate fear of women in power positions and therefore do what they can to prevent women from obtaining "power positions,"; these two points are Dracula was not the first story featuring a vampire myth, nor was it the last.

Some would even argue that it was not the best. However, it was the most original, using foreshadowing and mood to create horrific imagery, mythical parallels to draw upon a source of superstition, and original narrative elements that make this story unique The story focuses on a vampire named Dracula who travels to England in search of new blood, but who eventually is found out and driven away by a group of newly minted vampire hunters. In chapter one as Jonathan Harker is traveling to Castle Dracula he is met by several people.


When he meets these people and tells them where he is going they cross themselves along with doing several other superstiscious actions. One of the women he meets gives him a crucifix to protect him on his journey In his reading of Dracula, he chooses to extrapolate these fears along the lines of Marxist and psychoanalytic interpretative frameworks. Thus, with Bram Stoker's Dracula, though we have a vampire myth novel filled with terror, horror, and evil, the story is a thinly veiled disguise of the repressed sexual mores of the Victorian era.

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If we look to critical interpretation and commentary to win support for such a thesis, we find it aplenty "For erotic Dracula certainly is. Another describes it as a 'kind of incestuous, necrophilious, ora Powerful Essays words 4 pages Preview. These two women are two opposite archetypes created by a society of threatened men trying to protect themselves. Lucy is the Medusa archetype. She is physically attractive, and wins the heart of any man who comes near her e. Arthur, Quincey, Jack, and Van Helsing. Her chief quality is sensual beauty, but her sexual desire is repressed and not allowed to communicate Therefore both share similar characteristics but are distinct.

The differences between the novel and film occur due to the cinematic choices made as well as the fact that the film is based off of not only the novel Dracula but also the play Dracula. One major decision made by Browning was to alter the role of Johnathan Harker.